dirty ashtrayIn one month I spent $280 on cigarettes. Not to mention an additional, $50 on chewing gum, $40 on Crest White Strips, $20 on lighters that I’m constantly losing. In one month I smoked away approximately: $390. That’s $4680 a year!

If you smoke and your broke, it’s definitely time you put 2-and-2 together and quit…right now! Here are my TOP 10 reasons to quit smoking:

My top 10 reasons to quit smoking

1. It’s too expensive. In a month, I dish out roughly $70 a week. That’s $280 a month. And $3360 a year! But it doesn’t stop there. There’s the gum at $1.50 a day to freshen my mouth. Lighters that I’m constantly losing at $2. Crest White Strips $40 because my teeth are constantly yellow.

 2. I consider myself almost healthy. I workout, eat right, drink plenty of water and rest at least 8 hours a day. All of that is thrown out the window because I smoke. I want to be a healthy person through and through.

 3. I smell. My mouth is gross. There’s this constant disgusting taste in my mouth…like I haven’t brushed my teeth.

 4. I hate being asked: hey can I bum on off you? Just walking down the street of Toronto I’m stopped at least 5 times for a cigarrette. It’s guaranteed that as soon as I light a smoke there will be someone asking to have one.

 5. I feel like a second class citizen. Smoking by-laws have gotten so out of hand that I don’t even know where I can or can’t smoking anymore. Outside one of my favorite bookstores is a sign that reads: no smoking within 9 metres of front door. Apparently there are smoke free zones every where and unfortunately I don’t know where they are.

 6.  Smoking is depressing. Seriously, studies have shown that smoking causes and promotes depression. Last year I tested this on myself. I quit smoking for 6 months and noticed that I was happier, I had more free time to do the things I wanted to do and had much more energy.

 7. I want to look good longer. Smoking makes me look tired and pale. My teeth are yellow and my forehead looks like a mapped out highway.

 8. No one smokes anymore. Non-smokers are the new cool. It’s hard when someone won’t date you because you smoke. It sucks when you don’t get an apartment because you smoke. It’s embarrassing to excuse yourself at a restaurant to go for a smoke and be the only person outside, in the rain puffing away. Smoking just isn’t cool.

 9. Smoking is a Self-Subjected Disability. I can’t run fast, I’m tired, moody when I don’t smoke, broke because I smoke so much, smelly, dirty teeth, single, excluded, and considered stupid.

 10. I want more time. Oddly but definitely true, smoking wastes time. I noticed last year, when I quit smoking, that I gained an additional 93 minutes in my day. A free 93 minutes to clean my apartment, write an article, shop, partake in a cool conversation…anything! It was incredible to discover this free time. Life wasn’t governed by a pack of smokes but rather by my own decisions. 

The first step in quitting is to have a good reason to and trust me there are definitely more than 10 reasons to quit. Do your research and decide that plan of action is best suited for you. For me, I’m doing the Smokers’ Cleanse but there are other products that may work for you.

Once you’ve written your top 10 reasons to quit, post it everywhere! Post it on your fridge, bathroom mirror and even in the comments of this article! Do it, show it off! And quit smoking for life!


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Pinch-a-Penny Save a lot!

FrankHi and welcome to my blog. 2009 has been unpredictable and many feel the fiancial strain of the recession. Word has it that the worst is behind us. I don’t know about you but I’m still laid off and resources of definitely limited. But I’ve seen the opportunity right now and I have decided to go back to university and finish what I started. Even though I’ll be in school I’ll also be working. There’s rent to pay and mama needs a new pair of shoes. There’s also vacations destinations that I want to do. Not to mention, I’ve decided that it’s time to invest into a Macbook. Everything adds up and if you’re no prepared or resourceful you’ll feel trapped. Fortunately, I’m frugal in all the right places and now it’s time I shared with the world. Cutting dollars not value is who I am. No one says that simply because times are tough and we’re now living a budget oriented society that we must live without the finer things in life. It is true, you can have your cake and eat it too! If you’re ready to roll up your sleaves and get your hands a little dirty, I can show you to save and have fun doing it!

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a cheaper clean!

Instead of spending more than you should on cleaning products, stock your supply cart with baking soda, Dish Soap, a few thick rags, Vinegar, and a plastic brush. The baking soda acts like a mild abrasive cleaner (think Ajax or Comet) it de-stinks soild areas and disinfects surfaces. Dish soap is probably the most important cleaner to have. It’s makes bathroom sinks sparkle and disinfects just about everything. I say, if it’s safe enough for your dishes (the things you eat off of) it’s perfect to clean just about anything. You can never have enough rags. Growing up my mother used to make rags from clothes that we out grew. Old t-shirts, and solitary socks are just about perfect for polishing wood surfaces like bookcases and coffee tables. Speaking of wood polish – alternate between wood polish and clear warm water. Wood polish is expensive not to mention not the greatest thing to use on fine furniture because after long periods of use the silicone from the polish builds up, making wood look grey and tired.

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